Beer calendar 2020

Unit: pcs

The joy of opening adventcalendar doors and wating for christmas should not be only childrens privilege.

We at Tanker thought also about grownups. We picked 25 different beers from our selection. We packed and numbered beers so that the grownups can feel the excitement of opening one door in the each morning and cooled can of beer each night. The Tanker beer calendar offers you the opportunity to explore a variety of beer styles - IPA, pale ale, lager, pilsner, berliner weisse, gose, imperial stout, porter, barrelaged and nonalco beers…

Calendar price 80,5€

#tankerkalender contains 25 cans of beer, price includes deposit 2,5€.

Note about shipping to Finland: It is against the Finnish custom rules for us to ship it. We can sell it to you if you organise the transportation e.g. Itella yourself. Please contact us for more information. Also for safety One Calendar, for one shipment - no extra beers!

Calendars will be shipped out latest 23.11.2020

80,50 € 72,45 € 7,62 €/L


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