Kriekerikii 0,75L bottle

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KRIEKIRIKII, kriek 6,6% vol

We present proudly - our ode to cherries!
The sour cherries are blended with wild sour ale that is over 12 months old, the proportion is 200g cherries per 1 liter of beer. After soaking of 3 months the beer has gained full color, flavour and aroma from cherries.
Appearnace: Slightly hazy, bright reddish amber color. A very bubbly pink head. Sparkling carbonation.
Aroma: Floral, cherry, musty barnyard notes, almond, vanilla
Taste: Balanced acidity, hint of sweetness and subtle almond flavours, very fruit forward character, medium body and nice mild funk. Dark ripe sour cherry pie. Light funky cellar qualities throughout. The crisp tart cherry blends well with the acidity of the wild fermentation in aftertaste.
6,00 € 8,00 €/L


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