Bullet Brew beer kit - Pretty Hard

Raspberry Sour Ale brewing kit

Colour: pours reddish brown with a thin white head.

aroma is complex with intense raspberry and subtle oak notes overlaying rich malt undertones and a distinct sourness.

the taste is a compelling marriage of vibrant fruit and rich malt rounded out by subtle oak complexity. The beer is medium-bodied with a prickling acidity and subtle sweetness.

Home Beer Kit containing Malt Extract blend, Oak Chips and Yeast. Malt Pouch Declared Weight: 2.5kg e (1x 2.5kg DOY Pouch)

Hop Pellet Additions (Dry Hopping): None

Other Additions: French medium toast oak chips (total size 30g e) Bitterness: 8-12 EBU

Colour: Dark reddish brown
Target ABV: Approx. 5.8%
Dried Yeast Strain: Belgian Golden Ale (1x 20g sachet)
Fermentation Brewing Sugar Addition Required: 1 kg dextrose (FG <1.012) Priming Sugar Required: 5g/L sucrose
BBE: 18 Months

Ingredient Declaration: Liquid malt extract (barley, wheat), raspberry juice concentrate (4%), acids (lactic acid, acetic acid), oak chips, dried yeast [yeast, emulsifier (E491)], flavourings, colour (anthocyanin), hop extract.

23,00 €


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